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Use Cases

  • Automating Sales Reporting: Import Sales from Shopify, Square, etc., then push aggregated sales data to Quickbooks, Netsuite, or your accounting platform of choice daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Invoice Automation: Automatically create invoice items from data- imagine you have a WMS that can't talk to your accounting system. Trivial can bridge the gap, and create invoice line items from events like "Order Shipped for Awesome Customer", with custom logic to apply the correct pricing.

  • Grouping Sales by Channel: If you have multiple sales channels, you can use Trivial to gather them together into a single place to review, and then push them to your accounting system.

  • Intra-Company Reporting: If you have multiple entities under a single umbrella, Trivial can help you consolidate sales data in a timely, cost-effective manner while maintaing an easy-to-follow audit trail.

  • Sales Data Enrichment: If you have sales data that is missing key pieces of information(such as the cost to ship an order), Trivial can help you enrich that data (from the WMS or shipping carrier, for example). This has been used to create order-level Profit and Loss statements that directly inform pricing, vendor, and marketing decisions.

TrivialJS source code released under the MIT License. All rights to Trivial™ and TrivialJS™ trademarks reserved.