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Mirroring Repositories

1. Mirror the code branch to other repositories


To create an initial remote mirror use:

git remote add [ remote name ] [ remote url ]
example: git remote add example

Mirroring a branch

Ensure you have the latest mirror to rebase onto:

git fetch [repo name]

Squash all commits into a single commit to mirror:

git rebase -i HEAD~N (N = total commits in branch)

Rebase the squashed commit onto the correct mirror branch and resolve any conflicts:

git rebase --onto [repo name]/develop HEAD~N (N = 1 || number of commits in branch)

Push the rebased commit to the mirror repository:

git push [repo name] the-branch-you-are-mirroring

2. Create a Mirror PR, Tag for Review, then Merge when Approved

Title Formatting:

  • Title the mirror PR with the same name as the branch it mirrors


  • Include a link to the original PR in the description for reference
    Example: "Mirror of #[PR num]"

Important Notes:

  • Add any important notes for local reference, such as specific instructions or considerations for reviewers


  • Label the Mirror PR appropriately based on its purpose or status
  • Update the base PRs Labels as needed (e.g., mirrored, not mirrored, etc.) to maintain consistency and clarity

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