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Trivial is available as open source software and can be self-hosted. There are four repositories that make up Trivial; the ReadMe in each repo is best resource for setting up each component. The easiest place to get started is with trivial-ui, using the cloud staging API.

Self-hosting is for advanced users with a background in web infrastructure.

If you're just getting started with Trivial, we recommend using the cloud-hosted version.


A Vue-based UI to generate and debug NodeJS code within safe parameters, with minimal experience writing code.


The NodeJS event processor generator, importable into a GUI as an NPM module.


A RESTful API counterpart to allow trivial-ui to store users, app configurations, and runtime diagnostics used in the ui.


This documentation, which is shared across all Trivial codebases.

TrivialJS source code released under the MIT License. All rights to Trivial™ and TrivialJS™ trademarks reserved.