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Actions are code bundles that perform programming tasks, configurable via a rich user interface suitable for a novice programmer. An action is comprised of a descriptor, credential requirements, schemas, and action code.

An action directory follows a structure as follows:

├─ Service
│  ├─ Action
│  │ ├─ Action.js
│  │ ├─ Descriptor.js
├─ Schemas.js

For example, a Square/GetOrders action would be:

├─ Square
│  ├─ GetOrders
│  │ ├─ Action.js
│  │ ├─ Descriptor.js
├─ Schemas.js


Action.js should inherit from ActionBase and overwrite the perform method. This is the code that will execute when the action is included in an app.


Descriptor.js specifies the service, name, description, icon, expectedTypeName, and other meta data will appear in the rule editor UI.


Definitions of the fields that will be made available in the UI via the Descriptor's expectedTypeName, including the Vue components that should be rendered for each attribute.

Selecting an Editor for a field

By setting the editorComponent and editorOptions on a schema attribute, we can present the user with a custom Vue component optimized for the field.

For instance, this schema produces a SQL editor for the query attribute:

module.exports.Query = schema({fields: {
    query: {
      type: String,
      required: true,
      example:"`SELECT * FROM TABLE`",
      editorComponent: 'AceEditor',
      editorOptions: {height: '300px', lang: 'sql'}}

If no editorComponent is set, a single-line CodeCompletingInput component will be used to provide simple autocompletion and JS previews.

Creating EditorComponents

EditorComponents can be found in /components/builderv2/transform-editors. Clone an existing editor, and add it to /components/builderv2/transform-editors/index.js to make it available to your actions.

Conditional Actions

Actions can include a condition to determine if they should be run. See Conditional Actions for more information.

TrivialJS source code released under the MIT License. All rights to Trivial™ and TrivialJS™ trademarks reserved.