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Developer Introduction

As developers, one of our primary goals for Trivial is to separate the business rules and accounting logic from the underlying infrastructure. This allows the development team to focus on providing great tools, while the accounting and operations teams can focus on the business logic.

Without using Trivial as a mediator, development teams have to know both how to write software, and also how to write accounting logic. This is a tall order, and often results in bugs, delays, and frustration.

The name "Trivial" is a nod to the habit of calling changes "trivial". After a decade working on dev teams, we know that across code review, outage-driven debugging, merge conflicts and the rest of the work around writing software, nothing is as easy as it sounds.

We want to make the process of writing accounting rules and ETL actually trivial, and we believe a big piece of that is moving to the kind of configuration-driven finance infrastructure that Trivial is building.

TrivialJS source code released under the MIT License. All rights to Trivial™ and TrivialJS™ trademarks reserved.