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The creation and resetting of passwords interacts with several endpoints across trivial-ui and trivial-api, this guide provides the general flow. For actual implementations of the API calls, the repos themselves are the definitive source.


To undergo a sign up the user must navigate to the /register path via trivial-ui. Once the user fills out the form. A post request is sent to the endpoint /auth at trivial-api.


By default, new user registration is disabled. Set the env var ENABLE_REGISTRATION=TRUE and restart the server to enable. To create a one-off user without enabling registration, visit http://localhost:3000/register?enableFeatures=registration

Please note that passwords require a minimum length of 12 characters, the inclusion of at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one digit, and one symbol or special character.

Resetting Password

Outline of the steps involved with resetting a password.


Note on Step 5:

The redirect_url can be set here. In a future release, this will be configurable via an environment variable. See solid-adventure/trivial-ui#27

Note on Step 6:

Manual attempts to replicate this call requires adding query parameters after /auth/password. This can be found in logs after the redirection_url.

Example output in log:

Redirected to http://localhost:3000/resetpassword?[query_parameters]

Changing Password

Changing password when signed in is done through the /changepassword path at trivial-ui. Once the current, new, and confirmed password are submitted via the form, a PUT request is sent to /auth/password endpoint at trivial-api.

Organization Invitations

Flow diagram between endpoints within trivial-ui and trivial-api for invitations.

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